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The Rainbow Bridge

There is nothing harder in this life than to say goodbye to a loved one.  Even when that loved one has 4 legs and fur.  Our beloved Moose passed away on December 26.   As I’ve mentioned, he struggled for a long time with a myriad of issues.  He was going on 15, which is old for a big dog, but his passing has left another huge whole in our hearts.  Dixie, our Border Collie mix, seems lost without her brothers, both which left us too soon.

Good-bye dear Moosie.  I hope Bosco met you on the other side of the Bridge.  You are missed every day, and will always be loved.

September 2005 002


Saying Good-bye

In all the years I’ve loved and lost animals, it never, EVER gets any easier.  You can tell yourself it’s for the best, they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they aren’t in pain anymore, yada, yada, yada.  Doesn’t help me much.  But as my grief fades, I remember the good times, the antics, the hairballs and the poop needing to be cleaned off the floor.

Mosby went through some tough times – suffering at least 2 strokes that I was aware of, and of course, kidney failure, which occurs in so many elderly cats.  And he was 22 years old, almost 23.  I can console myself and say I was lucky to have had him for so many years, but…’s never long enough.

Moe wasn’t a cuddler, wasn’t even overly friendly, but…..he was charming.  Long haired, black as the night, with a little cropped tail, like his Momma.  It made him unique amongst the other cats.

I know in my heart I did what I could for him, to keep him happy and healthy for those 22 years.  I’m also grateful that he got to die at home, that I didn’t have to drag him into the car and to a strange place, only to have them euthanize him.  A polite way of saying “killing him”.

Moe – you will be missed so very much.  I know the other cats can sense the loss, the dwindling of numbers and they will grieve in their own way as I grieve in mine.  Someday….we’ll all meet again.  I love you.  So very much.