I have been an animal lover probably since the day I was born.  My parents, being more practical than I, wouldn’t let me keep the various animals that I would inevitably bring home, so I think it heightened my sense of wanting to be surrounded by fur.  The 4-legged kind that is.  I grew up in a 1-dog family, but my single-life family grew by leaps and bounds.  At one point, I confess to owning 26 cats.  I didn’t breed them, I had 3 pregnant females show up in my back yard.  I wasn’t about to dump them at a shelter (although there are good shelters out there!) and the one person that wanted to adopt a kitten informed me that the cat would live in the garage because the father didn’t like cats.  He stayed with me until his passing several years ago.

The need to find alternative medicines became a passion after losing one of the kittens to FIP.  I honestly believe it was because, being a good parent, I had all of them vaccinated for various diseases, including Feline Leukemia.  In my many readings, I came across some people that believe the Feline Leukemia vaccine can cause FIP in some cats.  So, only in emergency situations (such as a urinary tract blockage) do my cats go to the Vet.  They were all spayed or neutered years and years ago, and the troops are down to 8 cats now.  The oldest, Smudge and Taylor are 2 of the original kittens – now 23 years old.  Smudge has kidney failure, but he’s still putting along.  As long as he does that, I’m smiling.


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