Cystitis – more common than you think!

Most women have had a bout of cystitis at some point in their lives.  Also called a Urinary Tract Infection, it can be caused by a variety of factors.

Believe it or not, animals can get cystitis too!

Male cats, especially, are prone to cystitis, or UTIs.  They won’t come tell you why, but they will give you signs.


An observant owner will usually put the pieces together:

  • urinating outside the litter box
  • crying when urinating
  • small, scanty drops of liquid
  • frequent trips to the litter box without much to show for it
  • starting out normal, but almost standing up when finishing

DON’T get mad at your cat if he’s suddenly peeing on the floor.  He can’t tell you he doesn’t feel good. He has to show you.

CANTHARIS is a great little remedy to have on hand and it usually works within a day or two.  I use the smallest pellets available and sprinkle a few in the offending cat’s wet food, twice a day.  You can attempt to put the pills into the cat’s mouth, but I don’t have much luck with that.

Ten days is the norm, but I find it works within 2-3 days.  Of course, every feline is different.

If your cat is totally plugged, take him to the Vet immediately.  This is a very dangerous condition for male cats, because the urine has crystallized and it cannot pass through the urethra.  Cats can die within 4-6 hours of total cessation of urine output.  There ARE homeopaths that you can try if you have them on hand, but I highly recommend a Vet visit.  I’ll post more information in another post.



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About tchristoffersen

I grew up in Virginia, migrated to Utah and ended up in Southern Nevada. Over the course of my life, I've had over 20 cats, 5 dogs, hamsters, fish and geckos. I started studying homeopathy when I wanted alternatives to expensive and costly Vet bills AND after one of my cats died from FIP after receiving the Feline Leukemia shot.

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