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Dogs are People Too

I love my dog.  She is treated like family.  Since I don’t have any 2-legged kids of my own, Dixie and my cats ARE my kids.  That being said, she is still a dog and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

Losing Bosco and Moose last year within the span of 3 months was really tough on both me AND my husband.  Moose was his sidekick.  He went everywhere with him.  And when Moose crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I think something broke inside my husband.

When Bosco and Moose were so sick, we fed them by hand.  It seemed a natural thing to do – chicken, roast beef, Vienna Sausages, sandwich meats and American cheese became their staple.  They also had pieces of Fresh Pet dog loaf, which, after awhile, Bosco wouldn’t eat.  He was picky about his food to say the least!

Well, after our boys passed, my husband continued the tradition of feeding Dixie by hand.  It seemed to start innocently enough – chicken and roast beef and dog loaf in the morning and at night.  Then in the morning, mid-morning, lunch time, dinner time and after dinner.  Yogurt bones and peanut butter bones that had been reserved for an after dinner treat were suddenly given as a lunch-time snack AND a dinner snack.  At over $5.00 a bag, I finally put my foot down.  I am not a millionaire.  I can’t spend $40 a month on dog treats!   Not to mention we still had 3 huge bags of dry dog food that hadn’t been touched for months.

I was then told that I would be feeding the dog from now on.  Since I work, it’s going to be a juggling act in the mornings, but…so far, so good.  Before the boys got sick, I used to cook up a chicken, add vegetables and dog vitamins.  That would be warmed up in the mornings and stirred into their dry dog food.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Dixie still doesn’t want to eat out of a bowl, and admittedly, I’m handing her the food (while moving my hand closer and closer to the bowl), but I think we’re making progress.  She gets one yogurt or peanut butter bone at night.  She gets a gravy bone after she finishes her breakfast.

For dinner, I cook up a roast of some sort and mix that with canned dog food.  And she still gets a small piece of cheese as a treat.

I love my dog.  I love my husband.   But Dixie is only 9 years old.  I want her to stick around for another 5-10 years.  I’m hoping she’ll drop a few pounds, be more energetic and want to chase rabbits again.  (Don’t worry, they are WAY too fast for her to catch!)