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Enter Ralphie Laughing

Well, just like I read….it took a little over 2 weeks for Ralphie to get back to his normal, perky self.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  He races around the house like a lunatic, picks on his brothers and sister and acts like nothing ever happened to him.  Thank goodness!  Now I’m dealing with Simba, who has a terrible sinus infection, much like Henry had a few years ago.  I am using both a humidifier and a vaporizer, alternatively, on him, but nothing seems to help.  He is still eating, most of the time, but he prefers sleep to anything else.


017 (2)

Ralphie is back to normal!

017 (3)

Simba is fighting the good fight.



The Rainbow Bridge

There is nothing harder in this life than to say goodbye to a loved one.  Even when that loved one has 4 legs and fur.  Our beloved Moose passed away on December 26.   As I’ve mentioned, he struggled for a long time with a myriad of issues.  He was going on 15, which is old for a big dog, but his passing has left another huge whole in our hearts.  Dixie, our Border Collie mix, seems lost without her brothers, both which left us too soon.

Good-bye dear Moosie.  I hope Bosco met you on the other side of the Bridge.  You are missed every day, and will always be loved.

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