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Laryngeal Paralysis, Part II

Moose, our elderly Chocolate Lab has been suffering from Laryngeal Paralysis for months.  That, along with what I believe is Cushing’s Disease and a liver disease of some sort makes for a very thin, stark coated dog.  Just a few days ago, he was still sucking in air like he couldn’t breathe and we just wondered how much longer we were going to have him around.  We discussed surgery, but…..with his poor health and age, it didn’t seem like much of an option.

I did a lot of research in my favorite animal homeopathy books and found that a daily dose of Vitamin E and Selenium would help muscular dystrophy.  Now, truthfully, I don’t know if Moose really has muscular dystrophy, but….his back legs have been very weak and he falls down a lot (especially when he’s trying to pee!).  So….the Vitamin E and Selenium would help strengthen his back legs.


When he got up this morning to go outside, he seemed like his old self.  No sucking in air, no falling down, nothing but a big ole grin on his face.  It was really nice to see him so happy.

I know a lot of homeopathics aren’t supposed to be given with food, but frankly, I can’t get them into my animals any other way.  This is Moose’s morning meds:

I use 2 pieces of lunch meat.  On one piece I sprinkle Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate, purchased at a health-food store), Causticum and Lachesis.  The Causticum and Lachesis are for his throat, the Vitamin C is just a good thing to give all around to help boost the immune system.  On the other piece of meat I’ve been giving him a liver booster from PetAlive and it’s called Immunity & Liver Support.  It contains Dandelion, Echinacea, Ashwagandha, and Milk Thistle.  I break up a Selenium pill and cut open the Vitamin E to squeeze onto the meat.  I roll each piece up and he’s pretty good about eating them.  Once in a while, he’ll fiddle with it in his mouth so all the Causticum falls out.  I swear, that boy could tie a cherry stem with his tongue!

Right now he has a runny nose.  I think it’s either allergies or a side-effect of his other health issues, but I’ll give him Kali Bich. at night to try and help that issue.

I am certainly not a Veterinarian, nor do I have any type of medical background, BUT….I have been using homeopaths and herbs on myself and my pets for over 20 years.  If Moose continues to be stable with the stuff I’m giving him, then both my husband and I will be happy.  When the day comes where he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t grin, and he can’t walk, then we’ll discuss our options, but until that day arrives…..I’m going to support him with anything I can.