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Laryngeal Paralysis

First of all, Laryngeal Paralysis does NOT mean a death sentence for your dog.  Sure, it sounds scary, and to hear your dog wheezing like he can’t breathe is VERY scary.  Because, in all reality, he’s having a real tough time breathing.  His larynx is closing.  This happens in a lot of large breed dogs, and it happens due to a variety of things.  Our Chocolate Lab Moose, I honestly believes, suffers from Cushing’s.  The Vet wouldn’t confirm that, but he has lost most of the hair on his tail, has liver problems, fatty tumors and warts.  The poor baby.  Top that off with wobbly back legs and laryngeal paralysis and you’d think he’d be a good candidate for euthanasia.  It’s not that I don’t believe in that….but….if there are options I can use to make him feel better, to keep that goofy grin on his face, than that’s what I’ll do.

There’s not a lot of information about laryngeal paralysis in dogs on the website.  Well, there’s not a lot regarding homeopaths.  A lot of people talk about surgery, but….my heck, Moose is 14 years old.  I’m not going to put him under anesthesia.

One good website I found is  I’ve been giving Moose Causticum and Phosphorus.  Also, anti-oxidants really do help out in situations like this.  The Causticum I try to give him 2x a day for about 10 days.  He was very wheezy for the first couple, then he started breathing normally again.  I need to remember to give him the Causticum at least once a month after he recovers or we’ll be back to square one again.  The anti-oxidants are also very good for his throat and his liver.  You can buy really good ones on either or

As for the wobbly legs, I’ve been giving him Vitamin E.  Once in a while I try Rhus. Tox. but so far I haven’t seen any improvement.  Doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying though.

Moose with his little buddy Ralphie

Moose with his little buddy Ralphie

Moose has been our sickest baby in a long time, except…..our middle dog Bosco, died last week, very suddenly.  Turns out he had lymphocytic leukemia.  We never knew.  He never exhibited any symptoms of illness except for eating very little the last week before he died.  Broke my heart into a million pieces.  He was my baby boy.   I beat myself up about it.  If I had only known….I might have been able to help.  He was only 9 years old.

Enjoying the hot Vegas sun

Bosco, enjoying the hot Vegas sun