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Dogs and Vomit

Last weekend, my husband and I had one of the most disgusting 3 days we’ve ever had.  We own 3 dogs which he takes for a long 2 mile hike every weekend in the open space behind our house.  They love it!  They get to run and act crazy and sniff out all the activity that went on while they weren’t there.  Lots of people walk their dogs out there, and then there’s the rabbits, the lizards and the coyotes.

Unfortunately, there’s also people that think the open space is their own personal dumping ground.  When my husband brought the dogs home Saturday night, two of them looked a little green around the gills.  They wouldn’t eat their dinner and by Sunday, they were both vomiting.

Dogs, especially big dogs like ours, don’t just throw up a little.  They throw up gallons!  First, all their food from the night before, then all the water they drank to get the taste out of their mouths, then bile.  I was just very, very glad that we have tile floors instead of carpet.  The carpet would have been destroyed.  We used 12 rolls of paper towels over the next 3 days.

When dogs get ready to eat, mentally I guess, they produce something called bile in their stomachs.  It helps break down their food.  If the food isn’t forthcoming the bile needs to be released or it will tear up the lining of their stomachs.  It’s bright yellow and smells ghastly.

I gave them Pepto Bismol, I gave them Nux Vomica, a trusty homeopath, and Belladonna, another one to always have on hand for fevers and inflammation, and I worried about them.  Dixie was fine.  She still ate her food and her treats while the other two dogs just hung their heads and looked miserable.  My husband thinks they ate something on the walk.  I don’t know – could have been doggie stomach flu, which they do contract, but….for Dixie to NOT get it, it does give me pause.

By Tuesday, Moose was back to normal.  We timed their vomiting episodes – almost an hour and half to the minute.  I left work early Monday to help clean up the constant mess, slept with Bosco downstairs while my husband slept with Moose upstairs.  Dixie stayed in her own room.  Moose didn’t throw up after Monday.  He was perkier, but not all together better.  Bosco vomited Monday night and again Tuesday morning, but after that, there was no more.  Moose started eating again on Tuesday – just little things.  Bosco still wouldn’t eat.  He’s overweight anyway, so I wasn’t overly concerned, but still… want your babies to eat.

They say to feed them bland foods like rice and hamburger, or chicken broth.  Neither dog wanted anything to do with those foods.  They ate some dog treats, a little cheese and then Moose just started eating normally again.  Yesterday was the first day Bosco ate a full meal.  For a couple days, we fed him canned cat food.  My only concern was that he was going to start purring!

If not for you, then keep Pepto on hand for the dogs.  Don’t give it to cats – it contains aspirin which is deadly to cats.  Keep Belladonna and Nux Vomica for inflammation, fevers and nausea and indigestion.

We probably could have taken them to the Vet, but…..I honestly don’t know what they could have done differently.  24 Fast, introduce food slowly, and meds to calm their stomachs.



Cars and Dogs

There’s nothing like taking your dog for a ride – his ears flapping in the wind, the drool dripping from his mouth and covering the windows.  It’s fun!  You enjoy it, the dog obviously enjoys it, but what do you do when you want to go shopping, or go to a restaurant and sit down and enjoy a good meal?  Well, you leave the dog in the car, right?  Leave the windows cracked slightly, make sure they have some shade, perhaps give them a bowl of water, right?

It gets hot in Vegas.  A few weeks ago, it was 120 degrees outside.  In the shade.  Right now, it’s only 82.  You think leaving your dog would be okay – just for an hour, in a parked car in the shade, perhaps a parking garage.  The weather can change in an instant and often does.  82 outside becomes 92 inside a car, whether they are in the shade or not.

Do me a favor next time you think about taking your dog with you when it’s hot.

Take a coat with you (because dogs have fur, right?).  Then drive to a parking garage and park your car.  Put the coat on, roll the windows down about 3 inches and keep a bottle of water handy.  Now, just sit there for an hour.  Do not turn on the car, do not roll the windows down farther.  Tell me how much you enjoyed it.

You love your dog?  Love them more by leaving them home.  Please.